Support, Education & Hope

For the 1 in 4 who are directly affected by mental illness and those who love them, we make the Thurston and Mason county area a better place to live.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Thurston/Mason provides free support groups and education programs. We fight for improvements to our mental health delivery systems – better access to care, standards of care, recovery, housing, jobs, and rehabilitation.

Thurston Mason Behavioral Health OMBUDS SERVICE

Thurston Mason Behavioral Health
The Ombuds is available to assist you with:
• Resolving concerns and grievances
• Providing information and referral
• Preparing Mental Health Advance Directives
• Assisting with Appeal and Administrative Hearings pertaining to your Behavioral Health services

To contact the OMBUDS please call 360-867-2556 or cell: 360-280-7656. Email: .

OMBUDS services are available to all people receiving BHO funded Medicaid Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder services.

Ask Congress to vote YES on mental health reform this Wednesday, June 15th

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You sent over 80,000 emails, 230,000 petition signatures and hundreds of tweets and phone calls asking Congress to pass mental health reform.

Congress heard you.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is voting on a new version of H.R. 2646, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act this week. NAMI is pleased that the new language accommodates different perspectives while taking strong steps to improve mental health care.

The new provisions:

  • Enhance crisis response services and grants to track inpatient and residential beds;
  • Support grants for new assertive community treatment (ACT) teams; and
  • Authorize telehealth child psychiatry grants.

But, we need your voice to make sure that mental health reform passes smoothly.

Ask your member of Congress to make sure mental health reform passes this year.

Contact Congress through NAMI National 


NAMIWalks 2016 – Thurston-Mason Stigma Stompers

Your NAMI TM chapter is walking to end the stigma that surrounds mental illness on Saturday, June 4th in Washington NAMIWalks 2016 as the Thurston-Mason Stigma Stompers!

Our Thurston-Mason team fundraising goal for 2016 is just $5,000

Here’s how you can support the Stigma Stompers:

NAMIWalks is the largest and most successful mental health fundraising and awareness event in America. Through NAMIWalks’ public, active display of support for people affected by mental illness, we are changing how Americans view individuals with mental illness and ensuring that help and hope are available for those in need.

Visit our team page to join us or pledge your support HERE!

It’s a Quagmire! Komo News Joins the Conversation about Mental Health.

(From Komo News 4)
LACEY, Wash. — As she presses away between the black and white keys of her piano, Sandy Flammini knows her son may never hear this music again.

“He is truly schizophrenic and he needs medicine. And there is absolutely nothing I can do,” Flammini said.

Sandy and her daughter Lauren have been grappling with the complicated mental health system in Washington on behalf of Nolan Flammini.

“I want Nolan to be in a facility that can help him,” Lauren said.

Yet in violation of medical expert suggestions and state law, Nolan has been inside the Thurston County Jail instead of a mental hospital.

to continue reading go to:

We Challenge you to be STIGMA FREE!!

We are celebrating mental health month again here at NAMI Thurston-Mason!
We challenge you to take the STIGMA FREE pledge!   Email us at once you’ve taken the pledge, and we’ll send you a free NAMI t-shirt!

What does taking the StigmaFree Pledge mean? 

It just takes a few seconds to fill out the form on NAMI National’s site HERE, but the social impact can change the lives of millions of people affected by mental illness.

The StigmaFree Pledge is a simple 3-step oath that you will commit to change your understanding of mental health.

1. I Pledge that I will learn about Mental Health Issues. 

Everyone knows a little about mental health issues, but knowing the actual facts about mental illness can help you reject stigmatizing stereotypes. Mental illness is not the result of personal weakness, lack of character or poor upbringing. Understand mental health isn’t just about identifying symptoms and naming conditions – it’s about dispelling false ideas about mental health conditions as well.

2. I pledge that I will see the person and not the illness.

1 in 5 Americans live with a mental health condition and each of them has their own story, path and journey. Their story tell more about them than their diagnosis. Whether you live with mental illness, or are a friend, family member, caregiver or medical professional, taking the time to hear a person’s story and treating them with kindness is the first step to ending the personal stigma that surrounds the narrative of mental illness.

3. I pledge that I will take action on Mental Health Issues.

Our mental health care system is in crisis, and often treatment and recovery are unavailable to many who need it most. Taking action and calling for better mental health legislation and policies can improve the lives of those affected by mental illness. Lend your support by showing that this cause is important to you.

Take pictures of you wearing a StigmaFree shirt and send them to and we will post it on our site and Facebook! All we need is your shirt size, and we’ll send it to you!

Also, challenge 5 other people and/or a business and you will get a cool bling covered reusable grocery bag 😎

Thank you for supporting NAMI Thurston-Mason this year to help end the stigma that surrounds mental health, and to help us provide support, education and inspiration to those who need it most in our community.